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Michelle Seiler-Tucker,

Author, Speaker and the Leading Authority on Buying & Selling Businesses!

“Mike Collier’s mentoring and guidance helped me become the successful author and speaker/trainer I am today.  His help, with my first book, made it possible for me to write an Amazon number one best seller!  I’m grateful for everything he’s done with me. His expertise and direction made it possible for me to increase my net worth substantially in a very short time! Thanks Mike, you’re the best!”


Jimmy Grooms – Knuckle Energy Drink

I did The School of Closing 90-day business coaching challenge and the results were great. I signed a contract with the PRC designating my energy drink as a main sponsor of all their national rodeo events. We also got our products in one of the largest convenience store chains in the nation. All I can say is, I thought I new all I needed to know about sales, marketing and branding but Mike Collier showed me that wasn’t the case! I’m glad I had Mike as my personal mentor. It took my company to the level I always dreamed about!”

James Liyujamesliyu-150x150 – Auckland New Zealand

“Thank you Mike for the great knowledge and wisdom you share with me. I have made great
changes to my business and way of thinking. With your help I was able to put together a big real
estate deal in China that has made me millions! I’ve been to many training workshops and I have
to tell you that your training and coaching is better than the Robert Kiyosacki coaching that I got!
I really enjoyed hearing you speak at the “Big Deal” event and loved your ‘check list’ and ‘big 3”
training. I’m proud to be able to call you a friend.”


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Our Vision!..  The School of Closing was created to pull away the curtain of how top performers regularly close 5, 6, & 7 figure deals in any market. Here is a hint… it is easier than you think and you don’t have to be a “born salesperson.” We have a community full of business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales leaders who have taken these proven principles and applied them every day to great effect.

Leland Taabout_portrait_home_pg_lttylor – Founding Partner

Mr.Taylor is the founder of Retail Leadership Network™, as well as the founding partner in The School of Closing International company.  In addition, he is a very successful Business Development Manager and Partner Sales Executive for a Fortune 50 Company… read more

Mike Colabout_portrait_home_pg_mgclier – Founding Partner

Mr. Collier has been a successful business owner and serial entrepreneur for over 37 years. For almost two decades, Mr. Collier was a highly sought after corporate turn- around specialist.  In addition, Mr. Collier has had the rare privilege of being able to teach, coach and mentor thousands of entrepreneurs, from all walks of life and from all over the world… read more